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Comprehensive Garage Door Services

Whatever your garage door related needs might be, we have you covered in Houston.  Whether you need a garage door opener repair or a new garage door installation, we’re ready with commercial and residential garage specialists.  We’re well known in Houston for our fast trouble shooting and expert workmanship in door repair and installation services.

Garage Door Repairs

Is your garage door opener noisy or shaky?  Or won’t properly open or close?  Most often that’s the result of a bad garage door spring, worn rollers, or misaligned tracks.  Due to the high tension, replacing springs and rollers is hazardous if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.  So count on our garage door opener repair experts to do the job safely.  Covering all types of mechanisms — belt, screw, chain, and direct — they’re experts in all types of garage door repairs.  That includes motors, batteries, and remotes as well.  Good trouble-shooting is the key.  Sometimes what seems like a big problem only takes an adjustment or replacing a sensor to put everything back in action.

We’re ready for emergency service 24 hours a day, anywhere in the Houston area.  With experienced technicians and well-stocked trucks we’ll set things right quickly and affordably.

Garage Door Services

Leading manufacturers recommend inspection, adjustment, and maintenance at least once if not twice a year.  That boosts reliability and opener lifetime.  Without maintenance squeaking, squealing, vibrating, and binding, put extra stress on various parts so that they fail sooner.  Our preventive maintenance garage door services include careful inspection, lubrication, alignment, and balancing.  We’ll also check out the power-outage battery and all your remotes.

Garage Door Installation

When the mechanism is old and worn out, or it’s way out of date, then it’s time for a new garage door installation.  Whatever style you prefer, you’ll have a choice of vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, or steel.  That includes carriage styles, high-tech glass, and insulated models.  Our Houston installation service experts will match your selection with a choice of garage door openers, and won’t leave until they’ve checked that you’re satisfied with everything looking and working properly.  In addition to home models, we also install commercial and industrial overhead doors that can take a beating.

Our team includes seasoned experts in reinforced hurricane doors to help protect your possessions in the worst of weather.  Ordinary models are likely to be the largest and weakest opening in a major storm.